Love Annapolis was started by a group from Downtown Hope seeking to positively impact the city through relationships by modeling the kind of friendship and resourcing that Jesus embodied. With the issues that face our city, we want to inspire and invite as many people as possible, regardless of their faith background, to care for those most in need.

The idea for Love Annapolis first formed in 2013 with the observation of thoughtful Jesus followers in the city of Annapolis, from across denominational traditions, taking risks and sacrificing time to cross socioeconomic, ethnic and racial lines to grow in friendship and resource individuals and families living in impoverished conditions. We discovered that the container of relationship and the resource of unconditional, ongoing love became the pathway for meaningful transformation as we worked through professional organizations (as they do the things we do not have the skills to do).  We observed strangers becoming friends, families from neighborhoods and background that would never interact, sharing resources, experiences and love for one another.  Our prejudices were exposed, our hearts were broken, healed and are being transformed.

Janice Keating, Director of Love Annapolis
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